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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Drug Testing Your Teen

How Do I Know If A Drug Test Is Reliable?
The teen drug testing kits on our site are FDA 510(k) cleared and 99.9% accurate. They are designed to meet standard drug cut off levels that are set by SAMHSA, which is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Our teen drug test kits are used by teens, individuals, small businesses, educational institutions, police departments and public service organizations.

How Long Could A Drug Stay In The Body?
Most illegal drugs stay in the body for 3 to 4 days. Marijuana is the exception and can stay in the body up to six weeks after last ingestion. Please click on this link to view a chart which indicates how long drugs stay in the body and can be detected by using a urine, saliva or blood specimen. If you want to find out a drug history for someone, you can get a hair test which requires sending the sample into a laboratory. Our test kits utilize urine and saliva for specimens and the results are seen in 3 to 5 minutes. If you would like to test for alcohol use, please click on this link to find out approximately how long alcohol stays in the body based on the person's gender, weight and how many drinks have been consumed.

How Can I Approach My Teen Regarding Teen Drug Testing At Home?
It may or may not come as a shock to your teen that you would like to test them for drug use. For the kids or teens who may be using drugs or alcohol there might be some resistance to a drug or alcohol test. When your child realizes that you have their best interest at heart, the resistance should decrease. As a parent and/or guardian of minor children in your home, you have the right to drug test your teen.

Suggestions For Conversation With Your Teen

  1. Stay Calm | Respecting your teen and talking in a calm manner could make the drug test more acceptable to your teen. Using "I" instead of "YOU" sentences, such as "I am concerned about ..." Instead of "You did ..."
  2. Have A Discussion | Let your teen know why you are concerned and would like to perform the drug test. Ask your teen how they feel about the drug test. Listen to your teen without interruption. Stay on topic and do not allow your teen to sway your decision to perform the drug test.
  3. Stay On Topic | It is very easy to let the conversation wander onto other subjects, but the end result must be to perform the drug test. If you let the teen talk you out of performing the drug test, they will think they have the upper hand. It will be hard to stand your ground, but you must.
  4. Time To Perform The Drug Test | Perform the drug test with your teen. Observe the reaction of your teen during the process. Note their behavior and facial expressions when the results appear. If the results are negative, let your teen know you appreciate their cooperation in the process and that there may be random testing in the future just for your reassurance.

What To Do When You Drug Test Your Teen and The Results Are Positive

  1. Stay Calm | The objective is to find out who, what, when, where, why and how the drugs are being used. It may take a bit of determination on your part to get the information, but it is important to know so that you can take action to prevent further drug abuse.
  2. Taking Action | Some changes in family dynamics you might consider would be to perform random drug testing and participate in closer supervision of your teen and their activities.
  3. Retest | In approximately 5 days, it is suggested to retest for drug use, as that is the time when most drugs should be out of the body. The exception being marijuana, which can stay up to six weeks after last use.
  4. False Positive Results | This can occur when someone is taking a prescription drug which falls into a category of an illegal drug. Some examples would be opiates, benzodiazepines and barbiturates. These drugs could possibly be in the home medicine cabinet and should be placed somewhere that is not accessible to the teen. Some prescription medications prescribed for your teen may also cause a false positive test result. If there is a concern that abuse of a prescribed medication is happening, your doctor can order a lab test to determine the level of that drug in your teen. Trust your parental instincts.

Can Passive Smoke At A Party Cause A Positive Test Result For Marijuana (THC)?
The amount of passive smoke would need to be far greater than that experienced at a party. The person would need to actually ingest the marijuana, either by smoking or eating it.

How Often Should I Test My Teen For Drug Or Alcohol Use?
It would depend on your situation. Once again, trust your instincts. If you think your teen might be acting differently and seems to be avoiding you, it might be a good time to perform a teen drug test. If the initial drug test had a positive result, it would probably be a good idea to perform random drug testing on your teen.

For a list of possible indicators of drug abuse, click on this link indicators of drug abuse .

Remember, when you drug test your teen and the situation is more than can be handled privately in the home, click on this link to find local organizations that can provide assistance.


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