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Buyer’s or user’s remedy against manufacturer or any supplier or distributor of this drug screen test (the “Product”) for any defect in material, workmanship, deficiency or nonconformity in the Product or the test results from the use of the Product is limited to replacement. Return of the Product to point of purchase is required for replacement.

The manufacturer, any supplier, or distributor of the Product shall be held harmless and will not be responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages. There are no other express or implied warranties for the Product.

This assay provides only a preliminary result. Final confirmation should be obtained through a more specific test. Gas Chromatography/mass spectometry (GC/MS) has been established as the preferred confirmatory method by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Clinical consideration and professional judgement should be applied to any drug abuse test result, particularly when preliminary positive results are indicated.

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11KOXY | Single Substance Drug Test For Oxycodone - $3

Continine Smoke Check Test | COT | Nicotine - $4

05KBZO | Single Substance Drug Test For BZO - $3

07KCOC | Single Substance Drug Test Cocaine - $26

08KMAMP Single Substance Drug Test Methamphetamine $3

10K3OPI Single Substance Drug Test For Opiates - $3

THC Drug Test - $3

Multiple Substance Drug Tests

00ACUP12 | Twelve Substance Cup Drug Test - $10.95

01KSIX | Six Substance Drug Test | THC / COC / M-AMP / AMP / OPI / BZO - $9.00

01LKTCM | Three Substance Drug Test | THC/COC/M-AMP - $6.00

Alcohol Test Kits
1502ATS | Alcohol Test | 2 Alcohol Test Strips - $1.69

1516ATS | Alcohol Test | 16 Alcohol Tests - $8.95

15242ATS | Counter Top 2-Strip | 48 Alcohol Test Strips - $34.95

Counter Top 2-Strip Alcohol Test | 48 Alcohol Tests Refill - $32.95

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