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What a Few of Our Customers Have to Say

“God Bless you all for helping us to protect our loved ones. Thanks!” Mary Jane B., Elkton, MD

Thanks for the business you provided , Super FAST shipping right on the money, Just in time for interview process. Fearn’s Home Services

“I have ordered these from you in the past and they are a lifesaver!” – Lisa M., Brookfield, CT

Hi – I want to thank you all for the great service in providing home drug testing kits – the candy in each box is such a nice idea – this has been a tough journey for us and finding the candy in the box and fighting over it (not really) when the tests come brings a lighter side to it all. Thanks again. Marilyn G., Roseau, MN

Just got your product. Thanks for the speedy delivery. Bill M., Broken Arrow, OK

I love these products (Guardian Angel Personal Alcohol Test Strips). They have helped save lives, again thank you. Humberto M., La Habra, CA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the quick shipment. I placed my order yesterday evening and was thrilled to receive my package before noon today! I am very impressed with the customer service and quick shipment that I received. Brooke M., Laurel, MD

Our three teenaged sons have each experimented with marijuana. Regular testing has kept them on track because they hate to disappoint us. We have always paid so much for test kits at drug stores. I am thrilled to have found your website. My order arrived in 2 1/2 days and that included a weekend! thank you so much! Suzanne F., Knoxville, TN

Thanks for your fast response, you have been very helpful. Chris V., Saint Joseph, MN

You have been a real source of assistance and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it very much. Nettie J., Council Bluffs, IA

Your company did a wonderful job in making my last shipment arrive very promptly and I hope to have the same prompt shipment this time also. Thank you. Karen R., Aurora, IL

Thanks for your reasonable prices and good service. Susan J., Clayton, CA.

Your product is a Godsend. – Daniel J., Kalamazoo, MI

Thank you! You’ll be bringing peace of mind to my family without charging us $30 like the drug stores! - Jennifer P., Brownsburg, IN

Thank you. I will refer you to anyone that I know interested in buying testing kits. – Denis G., New York, NY

Thanks so much you have made building back trust a little easier – Peggy F., Hillsborough, NJ

MANUEL A. 15, Garden Ranch, CO “No, because I don’t do drugs. So I wouldn’t be worried about it. It would make me feel . . . my parents are concerned about what I do and about my future.”JORDAN H. 13, Widefield, CO “No, because I know I haven’t done drugs. So it wouldn’t bother me. It would just let them know I haven’t done anything.”
NIKO H. 16, Fountain, CO “I would not. Mostly the reason is that it (an objection) would make them think you are taking drugs. The purpose is to get them to think you aren’t taking drugs, so you’d have to take it. But it would make me feel that my parents have a lack of trust in me. It would make me feel that it is my fault for putting them in that position, like staying out all night or something.”AMBER H. 15, Widefield, CO “No, because I don’t do drugs. To me, it wouldn’t be a big deal. To someone who does, it might. It’d make me a little upset that they didn’t trust me, but it would make me realize they just want to make sure I’m clean.”

Would you object to your parents making you take a home drug test?

CRAIG J. 37, Garden Ranch, CO “If I suspected they were on drugs, I would. I’d just be straightforward. I’d say, ‘Well, we noticed your behavior has been changing, and I’d appreciate it if you would take this test to see where we stand and maybe get some help if we need it.’”JULIE T. 30, Cimarron Hills, CO “I’d have to talk to them beforehand about drug use. If I suspected it, I would definitely use it. I wouldn’t ask them; I would tell them, ‘This is what is going to happen next.’”
ANGELA H. 39, Widefield, CO “I guess if you suspected your child was using drugs, you’d tell them why it’s bad to use drugs and say, ‘Here, we have this home drug test kit.’ I always try to be open with my child. You could discuss this with them.”TROY H. 56, Fountain, CO “I have three teenagers at home. This would not be a problem for me. If I suspected something there wouldn’t be a request; it would be, ‘Go in the bathroom and do this and don’t come out until it’s done.’ If my child were innocent, then he wouldn’t have a problem with it either.”
Would you use a home drug kit with your teen?
How would you pose the request?

Thank you for making this available to parents. It makes testing quick and easy, no waiting for a doctor appointment for lab work. John C., Dearborn, MI

I have a 11 y/o daughter, and a 14 y/o son whom which I believe are smoking marijuana and cigarettes. A think that the sale of home testing is the greatest purchase any concerned parent should achieve in purchasing for there home. Anthony V., Brooklyn, NY

Thank you! I have bought these in the past at Walgreen’s and Restoration Hardware, but they are no longer in stock at either store. I am soooo glad these are available…Just a couple of drinks could put you in a dangerous situation in a car…This helps you to know if you’re going to be a safe driver. Leigh K., Hinckley, IL

I use these tests for students that I suspect of using illegal drugs in my class, I enforce this strictly!!! I am a martial arts teacher and have been for 22 years and don’t believe in students on drugs. Enforced strictly. I am glad I found your site. Prices are great. Thanks – Gerald L., Jeffersonville, KY

I just wanted to let you know that I think your Guardian Angel test strips are a wonderful idea. Although I am of legal age to drink, and I never drive if I have been drinking, there have been times when my driver’s alcohol level has been questionable. Your test strips take some of the question and debate out of the situation. It’s much easier to pay for a cab than a funeral. Jackie M., Satisfied Customer

This is a great product to ensure the safety of our students and we will use it to determine alcohol use at our Prom function. – Los Altos High School, CA

What a wonderful product line! The one I am interested in is the Guardian Angel Alcohol Test Strips. I have a friend who thinks he is sober enough to drive, when I feel he has consumed too much alcohol. L. Hamilton, Boise, ID

I am a manager of a retail liquor store. We use to be able to get the Guardian Angel test strips from a local supplier, but they no longer can get them. I am wondering if there is anyway that you sell wholesale for large quantities or if you could tell me where you order yours through. I would appreciate any help on this matter. Thank you very much for your time. – R. Tix

I am having a hard time finding your Guardian Angel Personal Alcohol Tests in Dallas, Texas. Tom Thumb and Walmart used to carry them, but they don’t anymore. Do you know who carries them here? – Thanks, C. Dickenson

When I discovered there was such a personal test I was very anxious to purchase them and hand out to my friends. I purchased 5 packets, containing 2 strips in each from Eckerd Drug store, at $1.99 each. Not a bad price to pay to prove a point to many of my friends and hope that they simply pay attention to how much they did drink before driving, if they choose. – J. Goeppert

. . . for your exceptional customer service! Best, Candace

My daughter is graduating this year. To ensure the safety of all guest and the general public duringher Open House, I want to make sure that if someone arrives intoxicated that they stay and if someone sneeks alcohol and tries to leave intoxicated they stay. The urine test is a bit much….as it will be out doors. Is there any kind of a tongue test strip method? – Roz

Your drug and alcohol test kits are wonderful for our non-profit organization. There is a great interest by our community leaders for this product. We will be placing a much larger order in the very near future. – K. Reeves, Maryland

Thank you for your gift of 100 Guardian Alcohol Personal Tests, that we received on May 17, 2004. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Our accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of caring and involved people like you. Thank you for your help in changing the lives of adolescents. – M. Davidson, S. Hearn, Thornton, CO

As for the drug-testing kits, they are expected to be available today at Ted C. Wills Community Center, Dickey Playground, Sal Mosqueda Community Center, Frank H. Ball Playground, Hinton Community Center and Highway City Community Center. A. Warner, the Mayor’s education advocate, said the goal is not to get a child in trouble, “it’s to create an open dialogue between parents and their children.” – Fresno Mayor’s Office, Fresno Bee, Fresno, CA

This is a great idea/product. I suspect things I can not prove. With this product (Guardian Angel Personal Alcohol Test) indicision will be decided. THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!! – R. Maytan, Louisville, KY

This is Awesome and cheap, thank you! – B. Laubensheimer, Westerville, OH

What stores in the Kansas City area do you sell your products at? I would like to let PTA parents know about these products. – S. Dietz, Overland Park, KS

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